Friday, September 12, 2008


Why buy headlight bulbs?
Higher wattage bulbs will provide a brighter, more elegant whiter look than your factory stock lights.

Do headlight bulbs come in pairs?
All bulbs are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.

How do you know if any given headlight bulb will work for your vehicle?
Your factory bulbs are preset with identification numbers such as 9005, 9006, H1, H3, etc. When purchasing aftermarket bulbs make sure you buy the bulbs with the correct number.

How do you install headlight bulbs?
All aftermarket bulbs will replace your factory halogen bulbs with no modification at all in under five minutes. Anyone can do this in their driveway and it requires no tools. It’s as simple as changing a household light bulb.

Which brand is dependable for headlight bulbs?
PIAA is a leading aftermarket bulb manufacturer.


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